Increase operational performance in your organization with Microsoft Virtual Agents. Engage with your customers and boost your productivity with a next-generation solution.

Get additional support when you need it.

Get started with Power Virtual Agents and create quick chatbots to answer the customers' queries and questions, visitors to your website, and even employees. You do not need data scientists or professional app developers to build these chatbots, as it becomes easier as no-coding experience is required with Power Virtual Agents. You can assist your customers with human touch using advanced natural language processing. Create chatbots, interact with the customers, boost productivity, improve customer service, and reduce your organization's operational cost.

  • Create Your Chatbot

    No expertise in AI or coding experience is required. Build and operate the powerful chatbots with an easy and quick-to-use graphical interface.

  • Integrate Your Chatbot

    With the services and products you use every day, you can easily integrate powerful chatbots. Pull information directly from your computer database like the previous record, conversations with live agents, etc., and configure your workflow with no-coding requirements.

  • Humanized Experience

    Make good use of advanced AI and Natural Language Processing and generate a human-like conversational experience with automated service solutions. Take the help of data-driven insight and improve the performance of your chatbots.

  • Boost Productivity

    Reduce operational costs at your organization by automating common inquiries and making live agents free to deal with other critical complex issues. This time-saving solution saves you money and also increases productivity at work.

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Microsoft Virtual Power AgentsEffortlessly Build Intelligent Chatbots.

Empower Your Employees

Virtual Agent's configuration enables your employee to build chatbots quickly and interact with the customers without any expertise in coding or requirement of any complex setup. Streamline the process by automating the commonly asked questions and passing the conversation history to the agents or another business process like HR or service desk for the quick resolution of customer queries.

Improve Customer Loyalty and Satisfaction

Using personalised chatbots conversation, you can empower customers to self-help and solve common issues quickly 24/7. This quick and easy process at the service desk results in high customer satisfaction.

Extend Your Business with Azure

Extend your chatbots with Azure Bot Service and build advanced and customized scenarios. By using Excel-like expression language, you can now create more powerful flows than the existing ones.