Microsoft has introduced modern communication software that unifies people with built-in tools, content, and real-time collaboration. It is a hub of Teamwork, allowing people to come together and work remotely from any part of the world.

Microsoft Teams is the new way to communicate and collaborate with multiple features that help people effortlessly connect remotely. MS Teams is a part of the Microsoft 365 suite of products that brings together people on a single platform. It is a collaboration and video-conferencing software embedded with tools and features that enable participants to quickly communicate via Chat, group chat, video calls & conferencing that can accommodate up to 10,000 people. Use MS Teams with Microsoft apps and other integrated apps and start working together more efficiently.

  • chat

    Microsoft Teams offers a quick way to communicate where you can easily express your views, opinion and communicate effectively. Convey the intended message clearly to the recipients. Make your message more expressive with Gifs, stickers. Emojis – send them in a group or one-to-one recipient.

  • Meet

    Start a meeting effortlessly comprising of 2 people to 10,000. Move from group chat to video conference quickly. Communicate from anywhere at any time.

  • Video conferencing
    Video conferencing

    Boost Productivity by collaborating in real-time.

  • apps-&-workflows-teams
    Apps & workflows

    Increase operational efficiency by streamlining workflows and business processes by integrating them with relevant apps and workflows.

  • call

    Call using the different tools such as Microsoft Teams Calling, Phone System, Direct Routing, or Calling Plan. Instantly make and receive calls to Internal and External groups.

  • collaborate-teams

    Take collaboration to the next level with working on files together in real-time- Search for files, edit and share them using the Microsoft apps -Word, PowerPoint, and Excel..

  • Screen Sharing

    The screen sharing feature allows you to keep everyone on the same page literally. The team members can view the content being shared.

  • File Sharing

    Co-author documents in real-time. Work together on files- Access, Share and store documents securely from anywhere.

  • Privacy

    Be compliant with industry legal and organizational practices and meet your company’s needs.

  • Together Mode

    Make the virtual meeting more exciting and interactive by choosing a shared background and virtually sit in it. It replicates the environment of sitting in the same room and participating in a meeting.

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The Modern way to Communicate & Collaborate

Collaborate in Real-time

Collaborate as if you would do if the team members were present in person. Make the meeting more personalised and increase your efficiency by optimally using the platform.

Custom background

Select or upload a preferred background for the virtual meetings. Choose to blur the background.

Broad Market Reach

Microsoft Team is available in 53 languages and 181 markets. Compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.