Microsoft 365 Business Voice is a cloud-based telephony software equipped with efficient phone system features that allow making and receiving calls, call forwarding, audio conferencing, Auto Attendants, and calling plans.

Improve Team Communication and Collaboration. Make meetings more productive using apps such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Get a 99.9% uptime guarantee that ensures your business communication is seamless. Take Communication to the Next Level with Cloud-powered AI with Voicemail transcription, real-time captioning, and inline chat translation. Users can add a Business Voice solution to Office 365 and Microsoft 365 Subscriptions which includes Microsoft Teams.

Collaborate Like Never Before With Microsoft Teams Calling

  • Increase Productivity

    Quickly start a call with screen sharing and video calls. Communicate with a one-on-one call or turn into a group call for the required team collaboration.

  • Manage Phone Cloud Calls

    Gain complete control and optimally manage cloud calls with several features such as Do Not Disturb, Reverse Number Lookup, Voice Mail, and Delegation.

  • Instant Connect

    Start calls quickly with clear audio with Microsoft Teams and convey the intended message clearly to the recipients.

  • Centralised Management

    Assign Phone Numbers and port the existing numbers from the Microsoft 365 admin console.

  • Cloud Voice Mail

    Easily access Voice call Messages and transcriptions from any device.

  • Audio Conferencing

    With a dial-in number, make the meetings more productive.

  • Calls from Teams, Outlook, and Mobile Devices

    Inform others know about your availability – let them know if you are available, busy on-call, or out of the office. Effortlessly call to and from the Team Apps.

Make and Receive Phone Calls with Great ease

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Microsoft 365 Business Voice: The Modern Cloud-Telephony Solution

Single Platform for Calling, Chat, and Meetings.

Microsoft Teams is a comprehensive platform that offers Communication and collaboration. Contacts and Calendar are synced across teams and Outlook, giving users the ease to improve the collaboration experience. Use apps- Word and Excel, and PowerPoint which make meetings more productive.

Easy Billing Management

Effortlessly manage your phone system from the office 365 admin console.
No investment and expenditure need to be incurred in heavy PBX equipment.

Microsoft Calling Plans

Get and assign phone numbers or port the existing numbers.
Direct Routing
Directly connect the SIP trunks of existing telecommunication providers to Microsoft Teams.