Let's find out how Microsoft AI positively impacts everyone and how organisations can benefit by using, building, and innovating artificial intelligence meaningfully and appropriately.

Technology has given us a host of applications to boost the growth rate in different industries. With the advent of AI, new developments are taking place every day. AI has infinite merits, and every business is benefitting from it. When application development meets AI, the outcome is Intelligent Applications.

Intelligent Applications is a bundle of next-generation digital solutions to enable modernization across the many layers in an application. It gives everyone a high-tech experience that was unthinkable before, like Chatbots, Conversational AI, Intelligent Analytics, RPA enabled Automation, and many more. These intelligent and relevant applications have taken user interaction to the next level.

  • Simplify Your Work and Life
    Simplify Your Work and Life

    Write and design better to make your workplace more innovative and productive. AI powers intelligent applications and these applications empower the employees to visualize maps and charts in Excel, design things, and streamline their inbox more securely and efficiently.

  • Cortana, AI wonder and a Productive Assistant
    Cortana, AI wonder and a Productive Assistant

    With this fantastic Intelligent Application, the language interactions across Microsoft 365 have become highly advanced. You can use your voice to place a request to send messages, add tasks, join meetings, check schedules, etc. Manage your inbox and prepare yourself for meeting hands-free with the help of Cortana and focus on issues of more relevance.

  • Transformation of your Business Style
    Transformation of your Business Style

    Start transforming how you do your business with Intelligent technology like Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics, cloud, big data, and more. You can improve, innovate and automate your business processes.

  • Intelligent Bing
    Intelligent Bing

    Bing Search engine is another innovation of AI to make life easier. Bing's robust understanding of the web gives you quick and the best answers to your searches. You can even search within an image.

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Intelligent Applications


Intelligent applications have the capacity of turning an enormous amount of data into valuable insights because these applications can combine and process multiple data sources like IoT sensors, user interactions, or beacons.

More Relevant

Empower your device to deliver more relevant information with Intelligent Applications. These apps make the device's features work proactively, process promptly, and deliver relevantly. These apps come to users instead of users going to apps.

Consistently Adapting

Intelligent Applications, due to machine learning, are ever-growing and continuously adapting and improving their output.