Empower the external users to interact with the data service of your organization using Power Apps Portals.

Microsoft Power Apps Portals have many new features that add value to the existing Microsoft Dynamics 365 service apps. Power Apps Portal can extend the Microsoft Dataverse to internal and external audiences like partners, employees, and customers, and enabling them to access business functionality. In other words, Power Apps Portal can create such a website that organizations can extend to the external users and will allow them to browse content anonymously. It can provide a rich web experience to the users and enable end-users to create content, website, data, form, and publish them without having deep technical expertise.

  • Build Apps for External Users
    Build Apps for External Users

    Control the experience, authenticate the requirement, and customize the data visible to the public. Power Apps Portal offers you the next level solution for building low-code websites that can be accessed by an organization's external users either through a provider of their choice like LinkedIn or Microsoft account or do it anonymously. You can allow any user to access secured data, which you provide anonymously.

  • Integration of Data
    Integration of Data

    Improve your customer experience by enhancing your portals with lists, charts, forms, and dashboards. Bring data from all the apps, Power BI and Power Automate, and enable your users to interact with the data irrespective of the location

  • Build Responsive Websites
    Build Responsive Websites

    Customize portal templates and responsive themes to make your website look and feel like the brand you choose. Power Apps Portal allows you to use an intuitive interface without any coding requirement. With step-by-step guidance, you can create and manage the website content, which external users and partners can access.

  • Guaranteed Security
    Guaranteed Security

    With Power Apps Portal, you can fully control all the applications and the available content. This dynamic invention of Microsoft brings an ideal model of security, which allows you to work stress-free.

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Power Apps Portals Provide Secure Access to Internal and External Users.

Automate Functions

Automate the maximum processes and functions at your workplace and empower your employee to work in a more technologically advanced environment. The automated process can boost the work speed and save the time taken in manual entry of specific data.

Increase in Productivity

When processes are automated and time is saved, more productivity is easily achieved. You are making your employees save time as they are not performing any manual tasks anymore. This way, they optimize their time to work of greater relevance and value to the business.


With its quick provision, the power app portal can serve a variety of different workloads and audiences.