Setting up an Azure virtual desktop will enable you or your employees to access your desktop from anywhere and with any approved device. Set it up now and enhance the security and reduce the cost of infrastructure without affecting productivity.

Azure Virtual Desktop is a full suite of virtual services that combine with appropriate license, resources and delivers a complete virtualized multi-user window 10. It saves time and cost to build and deploy apps while enhancing security and productivity at the workplace. Scale and deploy the Windows desktop and apps at your enterprise on Azure in a few minutes and get an empowered built-in security and compliance features.

  • Minimize cost
    Minimize cost

    Make an intelligent decision, move your desktop and apps to Azure virtual desktop and see a considerable reduction in managing and running the desktop and applications.

  • Quick deployment
    Quick deployment

    Rapidly and easily deploy the infrastructure and quickly scale based on your business needs.

  • Multi-session desktop Experience

    Experience a highly advanced and fast multi-session Windows 10 virtualized desktop in the cloud. Connect from any device and any location without hindering the speed of your business.

  • Intelligent security

    Reduce vulnerabilities and keep your data and applications secure against the expected and unexpected cyber threats. These threats are now not only detected quickly, but automated remedial action is also taken.

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Windows Virtual Desktop Secure and Effortless Remote Work Leverage the seamless Microsoft Office Experience

Leverage the seamless Microsoft office experience

With the limitless scale and complete automation, you can securely and quickly manage your inbox, share files and access your data anywhere without doubting the safety. No matter what software packages you are using, be it Outlook, OneDrive, or Microsoft Teams, with Azure Virtual Desktop, you can now provide a seamless experience to your users.

Modernize your desktop experience

Create a modern digital workspace experience with an advanced and secured Azure virtual desktop. Azure brings maximum performance with the most challenging applications across devices. Azure virtual desktop deployment and lifetime maintenance get a considerable saving in your time and money while enabling faster rollouts and time to value.

Access from anywhere

Users can now access their application and data from various devices regardless of the type of device and browsers( Windows, IOS, Android, or any device with an HTML5 web client). You can now remotely connect to your enterprise from anywhere in the world with the help of Azure virtual desktop. Now your users need not spend much time managing physical machines and local networks as Azure’s only multi-session Windows 10 has improved flexibility and scalability to a great extent and is proved to be cost-efficient.