Make a comprehensive family using AI services and cognitive APIs and build intelligent apps built for tomorrow.

Microsoft has developed a perfect set of machine learning algorithms known as Azure Cognitive Services to solve the problem being faced in AI. Now without requiring real machine-learning expertise, every developer can access AI. Thanks to Azure Cognitive Services., you can embed your app to see, hear, speak, search and understand, and all it takes is just an API call. Enable a more secured remote work by setting up a virtual desktop just in minutes. Save money, use the same Windows license by making your end-users familiar and compatible with the new scalable multi-session experience.

Benefits of Azure Cognitive Services

  • Future Challenges
    Combat Future Challenges

    Apply AI to more scenarios than ever before with a full suite of domain-specific AI capabilities in the industry. Gain knowledge and get experience, learn skills to combat future challenges without compromising your system.

  • Highly-Efficient
    Be Highly-Efficient

    Attain human parity in computer vision, speech, understanding, a language with this newest AI services. Be more efficient in your work style and enable your developers with new skills with the help of Azure Cognitive Services.

  • Effortless Deployment
    Effortless Deployment

    Easy and quick deployment options enable you to deploy Azure cognitive services from anywhere in the world from the cloud with the edge of containers. Speed up the productivity and develop the expertise.

  • No Expertise Needed
    No Expertise Needed

    A quick start without any machine learning expertise makes Cognitive service a one-of-a-kind solution and highly productive.

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Azure Cognitive Services Accelerate the Decision Making Process

Anomaly Detector

An automated Anomaly Detection helps to identify and detect the potential threats or a technical glitch early on and help to have remedial actions.

Content Moderator

Detect the text, image, video content that can be potentially offensive, undesirable, or unwanted.


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