Due to the several benefits of cloud computing, businesses are moving their critical data to the cloud. Azure migration is one the most sought-after services today, which gives companies the advantage of cost-efficiency, easily accessible, and secure cloud storage and management services. Azure is one of the most popular public cloud services offered by Microsoft.

But what is cloud computing? Why is it in huge demand? Let's get back to the basics, and then we'll let you know how you can migrate to Azure.

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There are different IT models through which cloud computing services are offered. A public cloud is a virtual environment in which a third party provides computing resources that provide storage, accessibility, and data management. Hence, the name is public. Azure services are managed by Microsoft. which provides on-demand computing services.

  • LaaS: LaaS is infrastructure as a service. It is a cloud computing model that offers the basic services of computing, storage, and networking on demand on the pay-as-you-go model. It consists of several physical and virtual resources providing fundamental building blocks to enable users to build and run applications. It is important to note that Microsoft offers the Azure platform as both LaaS and PaaS.
  • PaaS: PaaS means platform as a service and is a comprehensive cloud platform that offers users a complete range of cloud computing services.
Boost Productivity

Top reasons for Azure Migration Many businesses prefer the Azure data migration service because of the several advantages.

  • productive-anywhere

    Azure perfectly meets the resource usability requirements. Companies can scale up and down, based on the user requirement and utilize the cloud environment optimally without incurring any extra cost.

  • Effective Management

    Azure Database Migration needs core expertise in the Azure services and requires the services of migration consultants. The consultant offers a seamless, error-free azure database migration service and help reaps the benefits of Microsoft's cloud environment. The responsibility of the tech giant is to provide you with an easily accessible cloud platform so you can highly consider the Azure cloud platform for your storage, networking, and other cloud computing needs. Microsoft handles all the infrastructure requirements, and MS cloud computing services are highly reliable and secure.

  • Reduced operational cost

    Cloud computing services offered by a third party are cost-efficient. Businesses need not own a cloud environment, manage a full-fledged data center, and make heavy expenditures. Instead, they can rely on one of the most popular and reliable Azure platforms. It works on the pay-as-you-go model and is a budget-friendly option. It is a secure cloud environment for all your cloud computing requirements.

  • Security

    Microsoft Azure is one of the market's most reliable and secure cloud environments. So, businesses can rely on Azure and proceed with azure cloud migration without any security worries.

  • Flexibility

    The Azure platform efficiently meets business requirements with its complete cloud computing functionalities. Moreover, the in-house department can concentrate on other essential tasks and support the business in achieving its goals.

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Steps Involved in an Azure Migration

Evaluation of the existing environment

Before the migration process starts, the Microsoft-managed partner will check the cloud readiness for your data and apps. It requires researching the relationship between the apps and the effect migration will have on them. The Azure migration services specialist will ensure that the current environment is compatible with Azure migration, and the transition will be smooth. They will ensure that the data is not lost in the migration process. They will ensure that the data is safely extracted without errors or files turning corrupt, and the azure database migration service process is successfully completed.

Evaluate the company's requirements

It is crucial to evaluate the business requirement and the goals the company needs to achieve with Azure database migration. It may be AWS to azure cloud migration, migrate SQL server to Azure, or migrate from the legacy systems and benefit from the cloud computing services. Minimal downtime is one of the critical concerns during any migration process. So, the Microsoft-managed partner and the in-house IT department should collaborate on Azure migration services to ensure a successful and error-free migration process with the most negligible impact on the accessibility of the data to the end users.

Create a blueprint

It's essential to have a detailed roadmap before the decision is taken on the Azure migration process. If large-scale transfers are involved, then it's advisable to move the apps and the data gradually. Periodic testing is required to ensure the migration process is being correctly completed.


It's essential to keep a tab on the performance of the apps and check whether they perform well in the Azure environment. Companies can measure the performance of the apps on various parameters such as user experience, bugs appearing in the live setting, minimal downtime, and cost reduction in the operations.

Choosing Azure Migration

Businesses, as per their requirement, choose cloud computing platforms. However, the reliability of the cloud services by Microsoft sets Azure, apart from other cloud computing platforms. But it's crucial to note that the Microsoft Azure data migration might not work for some apps and data due to compatibility issues. So, it's important to talk to a Microsoft Managed partner that will guide you in azure migration services.

Check out Azure compatibility issues before you initiate the azure database migration service process. Online24x7 is a certified Azure data migration service consultant who will guide you in choosing the best cloud environment. If your IT infrastructure is compatible with azure cloud migration, then our Azure migration consultants will help you migrate to Azure.

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