Use intelligent Azure SQL with optimized performance and high-class security at your enterprise and analyze your structured or unstructured data. Build those apps that scale with the pace of your business.

To enhance cloud computing to a higher level to match the growing IT world's speed, Microsoft has made Azure SQL Database more intelligent than it already was. The all-new Azure SQL is a fully managed cloud computing database service that can handle all database management functions such as patching, managing, upgrading, monitoring, and backups without any user involvement. It is always up to date with automated features and powered by AI. Azure SQL database can optimize durability and performance in your business.

  • Analysis of All Data
    Analysis of All Data

    Use Azure SQL Server 2019 and take a complete insight from all the data by queuing across structured, unstructured, relational, and non-relational to take a look into your business in the broader sense.

  • Flexibility and Responsiveness
    Flexibility and Responsiveness

    Azure SQL is flexible and responsive computing that can quickly adapt to your changing requirements. You can use the platform and language of your choice with open support. It is up to you whether you want to run SQL Server on Linux containers, Kubernetes support, or Windows. You will get the same result with any platform or with any language.

  • Superior Performance
    Superior Performance

    Powered with AI and with the built-in high availability, the Azure SQL database can maintain the top performance and durability with SLA of up to 99.995%. While using Azure SQL, you can improve your database's stability, performance, and response time without changing the apps.

  • Proven Security
    Proven Security

    Get multi-layered protection, intelligent threat-detection, smart monitoring, data classification, automated remedial actions, and built-in controls that can keep your data fully secured. Azure SQL is the least vulnerable database over the nine years. Use it to achieve the highest security for your data.

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Microsoft Azure SQL Introduce Intelligence across All Your Data with SQL Server 2019 Bring all your database you were using in the past, like Sybase ASE, Netezza, Oracle, or IBM, to a fully managed and advanced SQL Server 2019.

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Azure SQL Server uses enterprise reporting capabilities to turn your data into answers. Focus on rapid app development accelerate your time in the market without worrying about managing virtual machines and infrastructure.

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Get benefit from a consistent and fully managed experience across your entire SQL portfolio with easy deployment options from edge to cloud. Gain flexibility for app migration, development, and modernization with the Azure SQL family.

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Find a type of performance that fits your enterprise's workload and explore the SQL family for best pricing. Get the best-optimized performance and advanced security for your data.