Microsoft offers productivity solutions for eligible non-profits. Microsoft offers discounted products to non-profit organizations, including robust cloud services such as office 365, Dynamics 365, Azure, on-premise software, and surface hardware.

With access to various productivity tools, empower your staff and employees to work effectively and meet the goals and objectives of the organizations. With free email, online documents, storage, and editing capabilities, they can work better. Various communication tools enhance efficiency, bring together all the employees and volunteers, and work in perfect tandem to achieve the organizational goals. Cloud productivity tools improve operations and increase employee/ volunteer productivity while protecting sensitive data crucial to the organization's existence. Get in touch with iCloud24x7 and get access to technology that will change and ultimately transform how your organization works and achieves better results.

  • productive-anywhere
    Stay Productive from Anywhere

    Give access to information and content and improve your employees' productivity as they can work efficiently from anywhere.

    Access latest versions of MS Office apps -Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more to boost productivity.

    Get in-depth insights with surveys and polls and better understand the success of the business operations.

  • Go paperless

    In the digital era, streamline your business by going paperless. Simplify work with the digitization of business processes.

    Get 1TB of OneDrive storage and easily manage files from anywhere.

    Connect easily with the customers and the co-workers using Outlook and Calendar.

    Get Microsoft Teams and communicate better using the various tools. Collaborate in real-time, maximise productivity in the virtual meetings.

  • Automate Tasks

    Efficiency lies in automating routine tasks. With Power Automate, streamline repetitive tasks and focus on the more productive tasks to meet the organizational goals.

    Third-party Integrations

    With third-party integrations in Microsoft Teams, access all the tools at a single place, thereby improving work speed

  • Protect Data

    With Enterprise-grade security, protect employee and customer data.

    Get protection against viruses, threats, and phishing scams. Keep your data safe, far away from the prying eyes of cybercriminals.

    Get data security by preventing the data from being accidentally deleted and from unauthorized access.

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Microsoft 365 Non-profit/Education: Make Communication, Collaboration & Device Management easier with higher security.

Microsoft 365 Business

Premium crash course Microsoft 365 Business supports several non-profit help them improve collaboration, communication, and enhance data security, making device management easier, providing them the much-needed flexibility in work.

Run Virtual Meetings

Tips are provided to run remote meetings with greater efficiency. Training is offered on how to optimally use the various tools to collaborate in the virtual meetings effectively. With Microsoft's Teams Guide, a better understanding is provided of how to host and be a participant in virtual meetings.

Digital Skills Center for Non-profits

Get access to Skill-building content created by Subject matter experts at Microsoft. Training and courses are offered in TechSoup courses teach how to leverage the platform to communicate, collaborate and improve operational efficiency.