Data is vital for any business and needs to be efficiently managed. Companies must protect their data as data branches can prove dangerous for the business's existence and can derail the company's operations. Downtime and even natural disasters or human errors can lead to data loss. But with cloud services - data storage, accessibility, and data management have become secure and effortless. But even with cloud-based services, companies must always keep backups to assess risks and mitigate them promptly. Azure backup has been a highly useful platform that is helping businesses to prepare for disaster recovery with theAzure backup server.

Operating in the cloud is a great business move, but not keeping backup and not relying on a robust disaster recovery plan will make migrating to the cloud or a hybrid environment a complete waste of resources. It would be best to rely on Microsoft azure backup with Microsoft cloud backup.

What is Microsoft Azure Backup?

Microsoft's Azure Backup is a highly effective solution that allows businesses worldwide to store copies of their data and replicate it in real-time. It is a highly efficient data duplication service that helps companies replicate data in real-time and access data in the cloud and on-premise. It helps to stay on track in a disaster, and business activities continue without disruption. Businesses can rely on the Microsoft Azure Backup as it offers several advantages-

  • productive-anywhere

    Protect your data with the highest security provided by Microsoft cloud backup services. Businesses can easily store and access data and return to normal without fearing data loss.

  • Scalable

    Azure backup server help get the much-needed scalability the business requires. The solution offers flexibility, and companies can upgrade or downgrade as per their storage requirements.

  • Budget-friendly

    The Azure backup service is available at cost-efficient prices, and most importantly, businesses can access it on the pay-as-you-go model. Companies need to pay only for the features they use and not pay any hidden charges. It's a straightforward payment method that even small businesses can accommodate in their budget.

  • User-friendly

    Microsoft Azure backup allows storing data with great ease. There's no complexity involved, and they can manage the entire data from the Azure control panel with a user-friendly interface.

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Microsoft offers three types of Microsoft Azure backup

Locally redundant storage (LRS)

LRS is an ideal solution for businesses with budget constraints. It is a cost-efficient storage solution that allows storing three copies of data in one local data center. This Microsoft cloud backup will enable companies to run operations without any interruptions.

Zone redundant storage (ZRS)

With this Azure backup server, companies can store copies of data in different availability zones throughout the country. Each zone has one or more data centres and helps businesses usually operate when disaster strikes. Companies that cannot afford to lose business with downtime can consider the ZRS as the business can efficiently meet the POPI and the GDPR reporting the specific breach requirements without and with a particular timeline, respectively.

Geo-redundant storage (GRS)

Get Microsoft Azure backup and protect your data at all times. The GRS is a popular azure backup service that allows storing copies of data in different locations -secondary regions, which might be another country away from the primary business location. Nevertheless, businesses can continue to work without being interpreted with outages in particular areas or the entire country.