Know how Microsoft 365 Security proves to be the ultimate solution for secure and collaborative remote work. Learn how you can minimise operational costs and increase productivity with a security solution backed by Microsoft.

Combat advanced cyber threats with a reliable security solution that acts as a one-stop security software integrated with Microsoft Security. Secure your Data and Consumers with Microsoft 365 Business Premium by offering security-based managed services that provide greater data security. Microsoft 365 Security center provides an amalgamation of office apps and cloud services with advanced protection that protects your business against all types of sophisticated cyber threats keeping your data safe and secure at all times. Microsoft Security 365 is embedded with emergent technologies such as AI and Machine learning that offers data protection and advanced security against cyber threats. With security experts working round-the-clock, expect robust security and continuous Support & Maintenance services for Microsoft 365 Security.

  • Protection against threats

    Today customers are prone to various types of advanced cyber threats, such as viruses, malware, phishing, and many more dangers that continue to evolve and keep lurking online to breach data.

    Microsoft 365 offers protection against advanced malware by immediately analysing the email attachments in the sandbox environment and quickly identifies the new malware. The solution provides malware protection across all the devices on the Windows 10 platform. It offers protection against any changes triggered by ransomware and keeps the data intact in key system folders.

    Enforce anti-phishing policies with AI and ML that immediately identify imposters and acts as a shield against sophisticated phishing attacks.

    The solution scans links in emails and documents in real-time. It helps employees to be informed about malicious links and helps them avoid being trapped in phishing scams.


  • secure-business-data
    Secure business data

    Business data should stay within the organization to prevent data theft and unauthorized access. Microsoft Security 365 offers solutions that offer full control to your customers to manage access to the business information.

    With automatic detection capability, secure sensitive data like social security numbers or credit cards to prevent their misuse.

    Provide a highly secure communication process in which the sensitive emails are encrypted, enabling only the intended recipient to read the email. Customers and external stakeholders can communicate securely without worrying about data leaks.

    Manage access to business data by applying restrictions such as 'Do Not Copy' and 'Do Not Forward' to email and documents.

    Reap the benefits of Cloud Computing to store and access files from anywhere, anytime and get access to former employees' mailboxes.

  • Protect devices

    You can secure multiple devices of the customers -phones, tablets, and computers that connect to their business data giving them greater control over who can access the business information.

    Control access to Office 365 data from outside their network. With a multitude of flexible options, customers can block users from accessing the office apps from home computers and prevent access to unapproved apps or beyond business working hours.

    Put stringent security policies to protect business data on iOS and Android devices and encrypting data on mobile devices.

    User authentication is needed by providing a personal identification number (PIN) or fingerprint to enable business data access.

    Prevent saving of data to unauthorized apps and locations. Users can access the business information only within approved Office mobile apps.

    Prevent unauthorized access to data on stolen/ lost devices by remotely wiping business data off from them without any personal data changes.

    With BitLocker encryption/automatic installing critical Windows updates- manage policies for Windows 10 PCs with easy controls.

  • Get Free of cost with Microsoft 365 Business Premium.
    • Integrated with Office 365 and Windows
    • Built-in- users do not have to get additional products as it's a comprehensive security solution.
    • Protection against advanced security threats prevents unauthorized access keeping hackers at bay.
    • Microsoft 365 is the ultimate productivity cloud that promotes business growth by streamlining processes, communication, collaboration, and connecting the workforce. It offers a powerful combination of cloud services, Device Management- Business Data, Access, Data & Control, and advanced security, offering customers a cohesive, unified, and a better experience.
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