Microsoft 365 is the ultimate productivity cloud embedded with advanced security and provides access to the leading productivity apps such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Microsoft teams.

Microsoft 365 Business is a powerful combination of cloud-based services and Productivity apps with core security features and compliance assurance. The solution enables to improve productivity and fosters team spirit by empowering the employees with advanced communication and collaboration tools. Create a highly connected experience that takes all team members to align their work to meet the organization's common goals and objectives. With integrated workflows, manage customer information better and build a long-lasting relationship with the customers. With Microsoft 10 Enterprise, benefit from the most secure and robust operating system built-in with productivity suite of applications and high security. Get access to Outlook, SharePoint, Microsoft Stream, and Power Apps for Office 365, and several other features improve operational efficiency and employee productivity.

Microsoft 365 for Apps for Enterprise gives access to office apps- word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access, One Note use Exchange, Microsoft Teams, Yammer, Sway, and an array of tools that let you work smartly and more productively. With the cloud-based services, reduce the cost of managing a full-fledged on-premise IT infrastructure.

Microsoft 365 Enterprise: Reliable and Powerful Solution to Manage Your Enterprise

  • Personal Productivity

    Empower users with advanced collaboration tools taking individual efficiency to the next level. Grow in the team with improved productivity and improve the performance of the group as a whole.

  • Organizational Productivity

    Get in-depth insights into the business process and the workforce and making the necessary adjustments to increase organizational efficiency and yield better results.

  • Stay connected while on the go

    With intuitive, feature-packed, highly responsive, and user-friendly mobile apps, continue to work seamlessly while on the go.

  • Manage all the processes

    With a compelling, modern management solution, get complete visibility of the business process and their performance.

  • Improve efficiency with AI-enabled tools.

    Get new insights, streamline work, and discover better ways with AI to complete processes to derive better results.

  • Data Protection

    With modern security tools with compliance capabilities in the Microsoft Cloud, secure your data and customer information.

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Microsoft 365 EnterpriseGet the world's best cloud to manage your business processes.

Windows 10 Enterprise

Get access to a robust operating system that comes with built-in security, productivity applications, and the trust of Microsoft Cloud..
Get OneDrive for business and manage files from anywhere. Control and manage users and subscriptions from Microsoft 365 Admin center.

Microsoft 365 Apps for Enterprise

Get access to office client apps such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Access up to 5 devices per user.
Microsoft Teams and Yammer make collaboration easier. Use Power Automate to automate routine tasks and increase efficiency.

Add-on Services

Get Microsoft 365 E5 Security to add security features to the Microsoft 365 E3 solution.
Manage compliance risks, and protect data by adding features and ensure they are in sync with the regulatory requirements.