Microsoft Azure is a bundle of various cloud computing services that help build, test, deploy, and manage Microsoft-managed data centers' applications. Azure is in huge demand these days as it can benefit any business size, from a small garage setup to a Fortune 500 company. With the comprehensive approach of Azure, you can face all the challenges strategically your business puts before you.

Azure Products: Combat Business Challenges with ease

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    Virtual Machines

    Azure Virtual machine is one of the most on-demand computing services that Azure offers. Deploy a virtual machine to have the flexibility of virtualization without even buying and maintaining the actual hardware.

  • Virtual Desktop

    Empower your remote workforce with an Azure virtual desktop to write and read faster from anywhere. Azure Cosmos DB is a wholly managed NoSQL database service to develop modern apps with single-digit millisecond response time. SLAs and open source APIs back up 99.99% availability with MongoDB and Cassandra.

  • PlayFab

    Build and manage live game service, real-time analytics, and LiveOps with Azure PlayFab from a single platform. Azure PlayFab can help you scale instantly dedicated multiplayer servers, track players across devices, create leaderboards, etc. In a nutshell, the Azure PlayFab is a complete solution to all your gaming needs.

  • Azure SQL

    Get a unified and consistent experience in your SQL portfolio with intelligent and secure Azure SQL. Keep innovating without having to worry about patching, updating, and backing up your data, as Azure is there to keep your data updated automatically.

  • App Service

    Empower yourself to build and host web apps, keep mobile back-end and static front-end with serverless APIs in any programming language, and not worry about managing infrastructure with Azure App Services. Azure offers autoscaling and high availability.

  • Azure Kubernetes Service

    Highly secure, fully available, and entirely managed Azure Kubernetes service can make you accelerate your business, operate efficiently, and scale confidently. Azure Kubernetes Service offers serverless Kubernetes and provides continuous integration and continuous delivery experience with enterprise-grade security and governance.

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Azure Products Benefit from Innovation backed by Microsoft.

Azure Cosmos DB

Instant and automatic scalability, guaranteed speed, and single-digit milliseconds response time; in short, Azure Cosmos DB is a complete NoSQL database for modern app development faster and more productive.

Azure Functions

Invest less time writing codes, maintaining infrastructures, finding ways to save cost, instead focus on the application or codes that matter most. Azure functions is an event-driven serverless computing platform that can help you build and debug without additional steps.

Cognitive Services

Now, AI is within reach of any developer no matter he is an expert in machine learning or not. With Azure Cognitive Service, an API call is to embed the ability to speak, search, see, hear, understand and accelerate the decision making into the apps, and you are sorted.