Sharepoint Workspace 2013

Sharepoint Workspace 2013

SharePoint Workspace 2013SharePoint Workspace 2013

Microsoft SharePoint Workspace 2013 provides a client for Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 and Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2013 that drives real-time synchronization of desktop content with SharePoint documents and lists. SharePoint Workspace 2013 also provides options for creating Groove collaboration workspaces and synchronized shared folders. By using SharePoint Workspace 2013, information workers can easily synchronize online and offline content with a designated SharePoint site or collaborate with external partners and offsite team members through shared workspaces thus creating a seamless work environment both within the organisation and outside it with selected business partners. SharePoint Workspace 2013 is included with Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013.

Key features of SharePoint Workspace 2013 include the following:

  • SharePoint workspaces — Provide direct bi-directional synchronization of library and list content between a SharePoint site and a workspace on an individual client computer. Creation of a SharePoint workspace enables individual SharePoint users to check out and check in SharePoint library documents from their local computers, bring SharePoint documents and lists to their computers where they can work online or offline, and synchronize local content with a SharePoint site. When a client establishes a connection with a SharePoint server, synchronization occurs at pre-defined regular intervals whenever the client is online. When a client cannot connect to a SharePoint site, the user can easily take the work offline to make updates. The updated documents are automatically synchronized with SharePoint document libraries and lists whenever the user is online again. This interface offers an efficient and satisfying alternative to browser based access of SharePoint. Unlike other workspace types, the SharePoint workspace is a personal synchronized copy of a SharePoint site.
  • Groove workspaces — Provide a rich and secure peer collaboration environment that supports synchronization of content among peer client computers that host a shared workspace. Creation of a Groove workspace enables SharePoint Workspace users to quickly form teams and automatically synchronize online or offline contributions with fellow team members. A full set of collaboration tools lets team members schedule meetings, hold discussions, and share work with trusted partners around the world. Support for communications under various network conditions and across firewalls facilitates timely and effective collaboration.

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